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Our team of professional mechanics understands that there is no other bicycle like your own. Before creating a service ticket, we'll communicate with you to properly diagnose and plan out any repair or maintenance. At Johnny's Place, we promise to keep your bicycle pedaling at its best.



Our tune-up pricing represents a standard labor charge. With each tune-up tier, we adjust bicycles fully and ensure they leave the shop in better condition. Every bike is different, and some take longer to service than others. Price within each tier is adjusted based on your desired performance outcome, complexity of parts, and time required to complete the job.

Basic Tune-Up $75 - $100:

Bikes with external cable routing, minimal bearing adjustment.
Wheels trued.

Standard Tune-Up $100 - $125:

Bikes with internal cable routing / disc brakes, minimal bearing adjustment. Wheels trued. / spoke replacement.

Full Tune-Up $125 - $175:

Bikes with internal cable routing / disc brakes. Bearing replacement, disc brake bleed / rerouting. Wheels dished / spoke replacement.

Any parts required for the job are added to the final cost. We will always confirm with you before replacement.


Along with basic mechanical service, we also offer complete bicycle builds. We assemble the bike from the ground-up and then make adjustments based on your specifications. 

Full builds start at $200


We also offer the following services: 

Bike Detailing $50:
Thorough cleaning of bike and components, relubrication of drivetrain / pivot points of derailleurs.

Disc brake bleed $30 (each):
Brake bleed for hydraulic braking systems.

Bottom Bracket bearing replacement $25 - $50
Price varied on bike BB standard. i.e threaded bottom brackets are easier to replace than pressfit units.

Derailleur Adjustment $25 (each):
Shifting on bike is indexed for optimal performance.

Flat Repair $14:
Wheel / tire innertube replaced and installed (tube sold separately).

Tubeless Install $60
Wheelset taped and set for tubeless (tape sold separately).

Tubeless Recharge $20 (each):
Tubeless sealant added to existing tubeless system. Includes sealant.

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