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Success in competitive cycling is three-fold: physical preparation, smart execution, and dependable equipment. Our coaching staff is here to assist you in each of these key areas. We will work together with you and your schedule to set manageable training goals and assist you with understanding your bicycle inside-and-out so on race day, all you have to do is trust your legs and execute your race plan.



All coaching programs are power-based. If interested, reach out to schedule a meeting. There, we can discuss what training program best suits your needs. 

Espoir: $125/month
This tier is for those athletes looking 
to 'learn the ropes' of bike racing and who are targeting a larger event, such as a Gran Fondo or gravel race.

This tier is prioritizes local athletes.

The Program: $175/month
A more involved coaching program for those who want to perform on the regional and/or national level. Using the "BlackBox" (GoPro), we will review and discuss race footage in order to provide strategic feedback.


JP After Dark! At the shop, we offer nightly structured indoor training rides using Wahoo KICKR trainers in ERG mode. Workouts are 1:20 in length and follow a 'Base / Build / Peak' structure to prepare you for the upcoming riding season. The workout starts at 6:00 PM. Bring your own bike! 

Indoor sessions are offered November 1st through March 31st. Inquire for availability. 

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